First. what my heart says about me...
I am an image maker through and through, have been my whole life and will be till draw my last breath. I absolutely love capturing and communicating messages, beauty and stories. Elsewhere in my life I love meditation, cooking, travelling, seeking knowledge and laughing,
And here's what my head says... the facts..
Director and Photographer who has been in the business for 30 years. Now also offering creative consultation, to develop brands look and feel as well as image styles.
I started taking pictures when I was 12 - loading my own film, developing and printing. After a degree in Drama & Contemporary Dance and a spell as a contemporary dancer and underground london restaurant pop up creator.. I moved through most crew roles in film production, from runner through to locations, assistant directing to producing on everything from features, commercials, pop videos and global corporate films. With everyone from Prince to Blur, Gondry to Lindsay Anderson, features, TV promos and commercials around the world.
I have been directing and photographing advertising, music and branded content for 25 years. I have always resisted the traditional ad director and photographer route of having a style and sticking to it. I am far more interested in being results driven. Interested what the communication I make for you, today, for your audience can achieve, making it bespoke from that point backwards.

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